[scribus] scribus Digest, Vol 83, Issue 3

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Tue Feb 3 01:25:25 UTC 2015

On 02/02/2015 01:55 PM, Gimp-Werkstatt wrote:
> When I see that wiki, it puts me off, because there is so much to be
> done, and it looks like, I would have to tidy it up all alone. And it is
> work for a Ione warrior, guess I'm not the only one that thinks that
> way, otherwise, the translations and wikis of the other languages would
> be better maintained.
If everyone in the Scribus community felt this way, there would be no
Scribus. You have to believe in the power of individuals who come
together, one by one, each doing his/her part to push things in a
positive direction.

The English pages of the wiki is more than I can manage, same with the
online manual, same with making new scripts, but I do my part to show my
appreciation for those who have spent the time in making this software,
and explaining it to me.

Your forum is nearly a tabla rasa, and therefore easy to manage. If it
lasts, it too will become too much for newcomers to manage, so they go
off with their own.

I think if you begin some work on the wiki, you will find with time that
others may join you. Start by ignoring things that are far obsolete,
work on something that needs some fresh screenshots, or a little
improvement in the text.


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