[scribus] Bug entering letters with ^ ?

Marc Hanisch marc.hanisch at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 4 10:47:17 UTC 2015


first of all, thank you for this great software! I've just managed to
create my first magazine for a local group of Esperanto speakers here in

I'm not sure if I've found a bug:

in the language Esperanto we use a lot of uncommon characters, like ŝ ĝ ĥ ŭ
and ĵ.
I'm entering these characters by pressing the key above TAB (^) followed by
the letter I need. So pressing ^ + s results in ŝ.

This also works in Scribus except the letter ĵ / Ĵ. I can't insert this
letter, neither in the text-frame directly nor in the story editor. When I
copy&paste this letter from my favourite texteditor into the story editor,
it gets displayed but the font is rendered as a light square.

At first I thought it's a font problem but as I also can't enter this
letter, I think the problem is related to Scribus. Using the same font in
OpenOffice renders ĵ / Ĵ correctly.

My Scribus version is 1.4.3. with Ubuntu GNU / Linux 14.04.

Thank you in advance and best regards,

★ Esperanto - Lingvo internacia ▪ http://www.esperanto.dehttp://www.esperanto.berlin ★
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