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On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 4:58 PM, Barry McKenna <bmcken at pobox.com> wrote:

> Christoph,
> I have read much of the material you suggest, and I've visited
> colormanangement.org a number of times.
> I can greatly appreciate how much workhas been committed to this project
> and the book that you and
> Gregory authored, especially since I have subscribed to this list since
> 2006, knowing I would need Scribus and need all of the referencematerial I
> could obstain.
> I suggest that with Color Management, we must leap into a whole 'nother
> conceptualization beyond pts and type, and margins and all of that, and
> that the terminology for color is complex. I.E., I do appreciate all ofthe
> work that you and others have committed to this most precious project.
> I feel a "dire" need--as a color managment newbie, reading and
> re-reading--for some clarification of the differences or equivalences of
> the following terminology:
> 1) When is it "gray" and when is it "grey"
> 2) What are the differences between "color sets," "palettes," "profiles,"
> and "swatches (204 items)."
> I expect that this is more work than anyone would want to take on, but I
> also suggest that if people like myself are going to "grok"
> colormanagement, we're going to need a little more clarity, in the
> beginning help pages, with the fundamental terminology.
> People do not learn in the same ways: Everyone has their own gifts and
> blank spaces.
> Mylife is a continual reminder of a profound experience in HighSchool:
> I was exceptional in Geometry,which came a year before Algebra.
> Therefore, the school assumed that my geometry gifts would translate
> naturally into algebra, so they put me in Advanced Placement first year
> algebra. I was not from a wealthy family, but my town was very highstatus.
> In the highstatus of Advanced Placement classes, people were laughed at
> for asking basic questions.
> I graduated Advanced Placement algebra with a "C," but I did _not_ beginto
> understand what a _variable_ was until I forced in 1986 to learn Turbo
> Pascal programming, after spending my first year with my IBMPC/XT and then
> finally understanding how to copya file from one floppy to another...
> My apologies if this is too long, or too much of a 'plaint...
> Barry

I very much appreciate your inquiry and your questions.
I ask a lot of questions, many of them perhaps 'annoyingly' obvious.
Perhaps I perturb some folks here and I'm partially sorry for that but hey
that's how I learn. Sometimes i need to ask the question several times.
That's how a community works, IMO.

It reminds of the saying "You've never read a book once until you've read
it twice".

So, keep asking questions! I've also read different 'Color Management'
documentation (including the Scribus Help files) and find it difficult to
grasp. Not sure what my obstacle is. I will say that your questions are
helping me understand it a little better.

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