[scribus] Gray, grey, sets, palettes, profiles, swatches

Barry McKenna bmcken at pobox.com
Thu Dec 3 07:22:04 UTC 2015

Barry, I very much appreciate your inquiry and your questions. I ask a 
lot of questions, many of them perhaps 'annoyingly' obvious. Perhaps I 
perturb some folks here and I'm partially sorry for that but hey that's 
how I learn. Sometimes i need to ask the question several times. That's 
how a community works, IMO. It reminds of the saying "You've never read 
a book once until you've read it twice". So, keep asking questions! I've 
also read different 'Color Management' documentation (including the 
Scribus Help files) and find it difficult to grasp. Not sure what my 
obstacle is. I will say that your questions are helping me understand it 
a little better. Cheers! /Kunda


I greatly appreciate your support in this hour of my dire need ~<:}

Deadline to commit money for the advertising comes Friday.

Next Friday is last day for my "?file?"

I've only waited 25 years for this stage of my "development."

(It will include free software for everyone (maybe even Mac, a bit 
later), supporting innovations in explorations of many aspects of human 

Best wishes,

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