[scribus] Gray, grey, sets, palettes, profiles, swatches

Barry McKenna bmcken at pobox.com
Wed Dec 2 22:58:41 UTC 2015


I have read much of the material you suggest, and I've visited 
colormanangement.org a number of times.

I can greatly appreciate how much workhas been committed to this project 
and the book that you and
Gregory authored, especially since I have subscribed to this list since 
2006, knowing I would need Scribus and need all of the referencematerial 
I could obstain.

I suggest that with Color Management, we must leap into a whole 'nother 
conceptualization beyond pts and type, and margins and all of that, and 
that the terminology for color is complex. I.E., I do appreciate all 
ofthe work that you and others have committed to this most precious project.

I feel a "dire" need--as a color managment newbie, reading and 
re-reading--for some clarification of the differences or equivalences of 
the following terminology:

1) When is it "gray" and when is it "grey"

2) What are the differences between "color sets," "palettes," 
"profiles," and "swatches (204 items)."

I expect that this is more work than anyone would want to take on, but I 
also suggest that if people like myself are going to "grok" 
colormanagement, we're going to need a little more clarity, in the 
beginning help pages, with the fundamental terminology.

People do not learn in the same ways: Everyone has their own gifts and 
blank spaces.

Mylife is a continual reminder of a profound experience in HighSchool:

I was exceptional in Geometry,which came a year before Algebra.

Therefore, the school assumed that my geometry gifts would translate 
naturally into algebra, so they put me in Advanced Placement first year 
algebra. I was not from a wealthy family, but my town was very highstatus.

In the highstatus of Advanced Placement classes, people were laughed at 
for asking basic questions.

I graduated Advanced Placement algebra with a "C," but I did _not_ 
beginto understand what a _variable_ was until I forced in 1986 to learn 
Turbo Pascal programming, after spending my first year with my IBMPC/XT 
and then finally understanding how to copya file from one floppy to 

My apologies if this is too long, or too much of a 'plaint...


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