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r fenton cinderspaws at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 07:35:28 UTC 2015

Thanks to everyone for the many interesting and helpful suggestions. I
think I've figured out how to get Scribus to do what I want (to refresh:
I'm writing a book where every L and R page has text flowing around a
similar, but different image located in the top outside corner) so I
thought I'd share my methods in case someone else is struggling to
accomplish something similar...

1) I *don't* use Master Pages or Templates or Scrapbook - in Document Setup
(available when starting a new document, or later via: File / Document
Setup), I select Double Sided A5 paper with Top, Bottom and Outside
(gutter) set to 25mm and the Outside set to 20mm with First Page set to

2) In order to make the L & R pages side-by-side for easy editing, I insert
a blank R page by selecting: Insert / Page / Before Page.

3) On the first (L) page, I Insert a Text Frame filling out to the Guides
mentioned above, leaving room at the bottom for a small page # Text Frame.

3) I then insert an Image Frame and place it in the Top Outside corner -
using the precision afforded by Properties to align with the Guides.

4) Scribus *should* automatically put the Image Frame on a different layer
than the Text Frame - I say 'should' because sometimes it didn't (and for
some reason, you can't select An Image Frame that's on the same layer as
the Text Frame that surrounds it - something that threw me for a while).
Layer information can be found in the Properties dialog box.

5) I then go into: Properties / Shape / Edit and Add 2 Nodes to the Text
Frame outline (approximately where the Text Frame would need new corners in
order to flow around the Image) and then grab and drag the Top Outside
corner Node diagonally inward, creating a rectangle that flows around the
Image Frame,

6) I then do the same (but reversed) for the second (R) page (while it is
possible to Copy the Image Frame across the gutter(s) to the opposite
corner by specifying a Shift dimension under: Item / Multiple Duplicate,
doing so with the Text Frame can cause problems if you shape it around the
Image Frame like I did and then try to reverse it as the Text will be
reversed as well - it's best to do them separately).

7) I then add a small Text Frame to the bottom of each page and via: Edit
Text / Insert / Character / Page Number (Red #).

8) When I'm satisfied that I can select all 6 Frames individually and edit
their contents, I select the Left page and Copy it to the End of the
document via Page / Copy / OK,

9) I then select the Right Page and Copy it to the End of the document via
the same:  Page / Copy / OK  and then...

10) ...repeat steps 8 and 9 alternately until I have all the pages I need.

I'm sure to have made some mistakes (and perhaps there are easier ways of
doing this) but it works for me!

Ron Fenton

On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 10:35 PM, Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com>

> On 03/23/2015 12:54 PM, r fenton wrote:
>> I haven't defined any of the work (this time around) using Layers or
>> Master
>> Pages. I created two pages (L&R) with image frames in the top outside
>> corner and L-shaped text boxes filling the space around them and
>> duplicated
>> these two pages 64 times on 128 blank (Normal) pages. I have successfully
>> inserted images on Master Pages before but can't find a way to insert
>> images on any of these pages - or even select the image frame for that
>> matter. I assume there is a way to duplicate image frames on duplicate
>> pages without needing to re-draw them every time (128 or more times in
>> this
>> case) but maybe I am asking too much.
>>  There is some simple thing you're missing.
> Perhaps your image frame is underneath the text frame. You may think you
> don't have more than one layer, but maybe you do. You can only work on one
> layer at a time.
> As a.l.e says, you cannot accomplish what you're trying to do with Master
> Pages.
> If you can select an image frame, you can right-click and Get Image.
> My suggestion for putting them on multiple pages, once you get the above
> figured out:
> Right-click on the image frame, select Send to Scrapbook > Main, giving it
> a name.
> Open the Scrapbook with Windows > Scrapbook.
> Go to a page where you wish to paste the copy, double click on the
> Scrapbook image frame, and it will be placed where the original was, but on
> the new page. If you set Text Flows around Frame before you sent to the
> Scrapbook, all your pasted copies will have that property too.
> Greg
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