[scribus] How to set text colour - Scribus 1.4.2 (no, I didn't think I would have to ask this either!)

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Mon Sep 29 17:07:59 UTC 2014

Le 29/09/2014 18:01, Gregory Pittman a écrit :

> I'm assuming you understand that the color you should be setting is in
> the Text tab of Properties, under the Color & Effects subtab.
> The next question is whether your text frame is selected, and in Select
> Item mode. If you are in Edit Contents, you must select some text for
> any color or other changes to be applied. In Select Item mode, you
> changes get applied to the entire frame.

Other question is whether the color you wanna use exists.
You first got to create the color you wanna use,
or open a color set that includes the colors you like to use.
This is in Edit > Color menu


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