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Jean-Paul Gendner jean-paul.gendner at orange.fr
Thu Sep 25 07:21:50 UTC 2014


	Unfortunately, this is the first message I read about this subject.

	In the past, I had to include tables built by Excel and write a
script to import csv files. Csv files are easy to make with most spreadsheet
	You may found the script under "Improved version" with some
explanations here:

Here a copy of the explanations:
-    I corrected a bug. When first column width was different from others,
cells where not juxtaposed properly. Error is in the following line, where I
replaced 'cellwidthleft' by 'cellsize' :
  hposition=hposition+cellwidthleft #move the position for the next cell

-    I allow specifying a width for each column (only two in original
version) and a height for each row (only one in original version).

-    The default values for the widths and heights are calculated to get a
table with the size of the selected frame. If different values are entered,
the default values are updated to finally respect the overall size.
However, different values may be entered. Of course, in this case the table
size may be different from the selected frame.

-    Ability to affect directly a style to all cells. Style must exist when
launching the script.

-    Possibility to define a top distance for the texts (distance between
top of textbox and text).

So much more possibilities are covered: defining width of each column and
height of each row knowing the overall size of the planed table or knowing
individual cells values.

	Hope this may help.
	Good luck,

Jean-Paul Gendner
Site : f5bu.fr

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Hi Christophe,

I followed your advice and consulted the Help Manual, 
which contains some useful advice on importing tables into Calc. 
However, I'm still reformatting my Word tables in Scribus line by line.

I can import ordinary Word documents into Scribus with ease by 
converting them into OpenOffice Write documents first, but my monthly 
diary (in a rather complicated Word table format) still seems to be a 
step too far for Scribus. 


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>> I don't suppose anyone has come up with a novel way of 
importing Word 
>> tables into Scribus text frames, by any chance?

>> At the moment, I am 
>> copying Word tables into OpenOffice 
documents, and then importing 
>> Openoffice documents into Scribus, 
and then hitting the tabulator key a 
>> lot. The end result is 
actually not bad, but it's tedious and boring 
>> work for a genius 
like me.  ;-)
>Hi genius ;)
>You may be interested in the ingenious 
interplay between Scribus 1.4.x and AOO.org/LO. 
>Here's an 
>1) Start Scribus
>2) Open a new doc (or don't)
Click "Help"
>4) Click "Scribus Manual"
>5) Click on 
"Documentation" in the Help Browser
>6) Go to the "Import" section

>7) Click on "Scribus and OpenOffice.org/OpenDocument"
>8) Learn how 
to import tables into Scribus with all formatting and colours intact

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