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robwhite.watford at tiscali.co.uk robwhite.watford at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Sep 24 20:50:10 UTC 2014

Hi Christophe,

I followed your advice and consulted the Help Manual, 
which contains some useful advice on importing tables into Calc. 
However, I'm still reformatting my Word tables in Scribus line by line.

I can import ordinary Word documents into Scribus with ease by 
converting them into OpenOffice Write documents first, but my monthly 
diary (in a rather complicated Word table format) still seems to be a 
step too far for Scribus. 


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>> I don't suppose anyone has come up with a novel way of 
importing Word 
>> tables into Scribus text frames, by any chance?

>> At the moment, I am 
>> copying Word tables into OpenOffice 
documents, and then importing 
>> Openoffice documents into Scribus, 
and then hitting the tabulator key a 
>> lot. The end result is 
actually not bad, but it's tedious and boring 
>> work for a genius 
like me.  ;-)
>Hi genius ;)
>You may be interested in the ingenious 
interplay between Scribus 1.4.x and AOO.org/LO. 
>Here's an 
>1) Start Scribus
>2) Open a new doc (or don't)
Click "Help"
>4) Click "Scribus Manual"
>5) Click on 
"Documentation" in the Help Browser
>6) Go to the "Import" section

>7) Click on "Scribus and OpenOffice.org/OpenDocument"
>8) Learn how 
to import tables into Scribus with all formatting and colours intact

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