[scribus] Redoing camera manual

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Wed Sep 24 05:00:26 UTC 2014

> Once I get the single pages in two files (even
> and odd) I can shuffle them as needed using
> pdftk, pdfbook etc. But I need to trim the double
> pages down to singles. Can I do this in Scribus
> somehow?
I'd look for some PDF tool that can do it, because in Scribus you'd have to
import each page manually (unless you write a script for it). Not fun with
100+ pages.

My idea would be:

1. Make two copies of the manual.
2. For the first one, crop all pages in half from the right side (should
leave you with odd pages)
3. For the second one, crop all pages in half from the left side (should
leave you with even pages)
4. Use a PDF shuffle function to combine the two PDFs
5. Now you have a PDF with single pages, just use an imposition tool to
make it a booklet.

It's bee a while since I looked at different tolls so I don't know what
tools can crop pages, but the Scribus wiki has a handful of suggestions to
look at.

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