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I downloaded a camera manual pdf  which is laid
out thus:
first page holds print pages 1 & 2 side by side.
Second page holds 3 & 4 side by side.
I want to make a booklet of single print pages.

Once I get the single pages in two files (even
and odd) I can shuffle them as needed using
pdftk, pdfbook etc. But I need to trim the double
pages down to singles. Can I do this in Scribus

Brain teaser for the week.


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There is a fairly easy to do this with Scribus:

Create a new document with the number of pages of your final document, which has the dimensions of your new PDF pages, which would probably be the height of your scanned pages and half their width. Then on each page create and Image frame -- could be full size for your new document page, or a little less if you want a margin. Then import each page of the scanned PDF file as an image, scale and place it in the correct position. You will import each page of your scanned document, once for the left side and once for the right side.

Thus, for the pages you scanned sheet 1 which has pages 1&2 side by side, do the following:
In your new document on page 1, in an image frame "get image" of sheet 1 PDF, then scale and position it so that it fills the height, but only the page 1 (left half) shows. Now do the same thing on page 2, but this time you scale the PDF sheet 1 so that only the right half (page 2) part shows.

Then you can do the page rearranging to print it the way you want. There is a program (I have forgotten it now) which will automatically rearrange the pages the way you want them. Also, some printers (and some print service providers) can do this fairly automatically.

Hope this helps.

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