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Thu Sep 11 18:11:49 UTC 2014

I have recently completed my autobiography, a book containing 300+ pages 
and 70+ illustrations. I did this with Scribus, converting each chapter 
and Cover into a .pdf file which resulting in 25+ .pdf files. I started 
the book over three years ago using, I believe, vs. 1-3-12 later going 
to 1-4-0. I have printed 72 copies of the book and had a caregiver, with 
my instruction, bind all these books using "perfect binding". I have, at 
this point, sold 65 copies which have been well received. Financially, I 
have come out alright since the biggest cost item is ink and I get ink 
cartridges for my Canon printer at a fraction of the cost for OEM 
cartridges. However, at 87 years old I am tired of all the work involved 
and am ready to try to get a publisher to take it over. (The copyright 
has been registered) I have some questions regarding this process.

(1)I have not "collected for output" and though I have read a number of 
articles I am still not completely certain about the process.

(2)Should I combine files in order to reduce the number of files? If so, 
how would I go about doing this?

(3)I have read that some publishers require a resolution of at least 300 
dpi for photos. Not all mine do since I had to hunt for photos for 
illustrating wherever I could find them.

(4)A good many of the photos are in color. Should I convert some to 
grayscale in order to cut cost?

(5)The files are all PDF 1.3.

I would appreciate any assistance I can get in pursuing this goal. Since 
this is not all Scribus oriented I will be happy to receive tips and 
information directly by email if someone so desires.


Bob P.


*People may forget what you did and people may forget what you said but
people will never forget how you made them feel.**



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