[scribus] New tutorial on curves tool. - of topic - just I remember

"Christoph Schäfer" christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Sun Nov 16 11:23:27 UTC 2014

> > > Years a go, I ask the developers, to change the pe ’pen-tool’
> > > ’freehand-bezier’ (or what ever is the name of the tool) behaviour
> > > to be like in Inkscape, Freehand, Illustrator - now is the
> > > behavoiur is exactly invers, Sorry, my english is poor, I can’t
> > > explain in other wors. Just try to draw a contour around one a part
> > > of picture with ’pen tool’ in Scribus, and Inkscape and the
> > > difference will be evident (obviuos). Nothing change for now. Am I
> > > the lonely who have this problem?
> what about removing the pen tool?
> what's the use case?
> having the kids participate in your layout work?
> the result is so ugly. if somebody wants to draw a freehand
> line, she should use inkscape and import the svg from there.

Who is "she"? Seriously, there are various use cases, and the simple fact that you yourself don't consider a certain feature useful doesn't mean others will as well. Moreover, *every* advanced DTP programme provides some basic drawing tools, and rightfully so.

> do one thing and do it well!

And what is the one thing Scribus does well and others don't?

> imo, improving the "collaboration" with inkscape is in any case a better
> use of development time, than further improving our drawing tools.

If you were really interested in facts, rather than your own prejudices, you'd know that this is already underway, albeit, for the time being, on a low level.

> as always, this email is not meant to produce any action. i'm probably
> just frustrated that, yesterday evening, i had to tell somebody that
> scribus is not good enough for her...

This is a meaningless statement, not the least because you didn't bother to tell us exactly why Scribus wasn't "good enough" for her (and if your judgement was correct).

I'm aware of many reasons as to why Scribus may not be "good enough" for particular purposes, but then my lawn mower is completely unfit to serve as a fridge. I'm afraid that your answer may be the result of a lack of knowledge and real-world experience.

What I'm trying to say (not for the first time) is that you should probably leave your fantasy world and contact people in the real world (especially those in the printing industry).

I know that this sounds harsh, but I really have a hard time to get my head around your thinking. For once, get real!


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