[scribus] New tutorial on curves tool. - of topic - just I remember

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sat Nov 15 07:01:08 UTC 2014


> On 11/14/2014 03:00 PM, tomas wrote:
> > Years a go, I ask the developers, to change the pe ’pen-tool’
> > ’freehand-bezier’ (or what ever is the name of the tool) behaviour
> > to be like in Inkscape, Freehand, Illustrator - now is the
> > behavoiur is exactly invers, Sorry, my english is poor, I can’t
> > explain in other wors. Just try to draw a contour around one a part
> > of picture with ’pen tool’ in Scribus, and Inkscape and the
> > difference will be evident (obviuos). Nothing change for now. Am I
> > the lonely who have this problem?

what about removing the pen tool?

what's the use case?
having the kids participate in your layout work?

the result is so ugly. if somebody wants to draw a freehand
line, she should use inkscape and import the svg from there.

do one thing and do it well!
imo, improving the "collaboration" with inkscape is in any case a better
use of development time, than further improving our drawing tools.

as always, this email is not meant to produce any action. i'm probably
just frustrated that, yesterday evening, i had to tell somebody that
scribus is not good enough for her...


p.s.: and if you want to keep it, please, make ctrl-smooth the
default behavior... at least it produces a usable result...

p.p.s.: scribus has 4 line tools! all of them clumsy to use... wouldn't
it better to just keep the bezier tool, modify it so that by default
it's easy to draw a straight line, focus on improving the UI of one
single tool and let people who have more advanced needs import their
work from inkscape? the one program is for drawing, the other for

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