[scribus] New tutorial on curves tool. - of topic - just I remember

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Fri Nov 14 20:17:23 UTC 2014

On 11/14/2014 03:00 PM, tomas wrote:
> Years a go, I ask the developers, to change the pe ’pen-tool’ ’freehand-bezier’ (or what ever is the name of the tool) behaviour to be like in Inkscape, Freehand, Illustrator - now is the behavoiur is exactly invers, Sorry, my english is poor, I can’t explain in other wors. Just try to draw a contour around one a part of picture with ’pen tool’ in Scribus, and Inkscape and the difference will be evident (obviuos). 
> Nothing change for now. Am I the lonely who have this problem?

There is a freehand line tool in both that are quite similar.
There is no freehand bezier.

I'm not sure I see the substantive difference in Scribus Bezier and the
Inkscape Bezier, which isn't to say they're identical
In Inkscape, when you click a point, then click-drag the next point, the
curve forms in the opposite direction the cursor is moving. In Scribus,
it forms in the same direction. Hard for me to see one better than the


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