[scribus] New tutorial on curves tool. - of topic - just I remember

tomas teodomas at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 14 20:00:24 UTC 2014

Years a go, I ask the developers, to change the pe ’pen-tool’ ’freehand-bezier’ (or what ever is the name of the tool) behaviour to be like in Inkscape, Freehand, Illustrator - now is the behavoiur is exactly invers, Sorry, my english is poor, I can’t explain in other wors. Just try to draw a contour around one a part of picture with ’pen tool’ in Scribus, and Inkscape and the difference will be evident (obviuos). 
Nothing change for now. Am I the lonely who have this problem?

Sorry it is a little oftopic

> On 14 Nov 2014, at 20:52, JLuc <jluc la no-log.org> wrote:
> Garry Pratchet has just posted his latest tutorial on the Scribus Wiki
> showing how to use the bezier curve tool to create various simple geometric shapes.
> It's by no means comprehensive but it should allow beginners
> to use the tool with more confidence. I hope you find it useful.
> http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Bezier_Curve_Basics_-_Part_1_-_Simple_Geometric_Shapes
> JL
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