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Patrick Ernst patrick at aroaustralia.com
Thu Mar 13 23:04:39 UTC 2014

Thank you Richard for the informative and meaningful responses to the 
colour and font questions. Learning more every day!

Cheers, Patrick

On 14/03/2014 2:26 AM, Richard Cichelli wrote:
> On 3/13/2014 6:42 AM, scribus-request at lists.scribus.net wrote:
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>>     1.  Co-Inventor of QuarkXPress Xtensions Offers Scribus Support
>>        (Christoph Sch?fer)
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>> From: Flem <flemblog at free.fr>
> snip...
>> Wow, that's great news!
>> Very impressive results on the provided Dropbox PDF.
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/hwvcw4emmyjm0d5/ScribusPages.pdf
> Thanks.  And I agree.  Thank Marty, who made the pages with Scribus.
>> The only question is: where does this images colour
>> variation between InDesign and Scribus come from?
> A very smart question!
> The InDesign pages come from Lancaster Newspapers. I suspect that the 
> differences might be due to workflow differences.   LN run a product 
> we supply to US newspapers called Alwan CMYK Optimizer 
> http://www.newspapersystems.com/Products/CMYKOptimizer and another 
> product we also supply here from FotoWare called ColorFactory 
> http://www.newspapersystems.com/FotoWare/ColorFactory.   Both of these 
> products greatly improve high end newspaper production through 
> automation, image quality improvement and ink saving. The image 
> changes are subtle on screens, but very noticeable on press output. 
> What Scribus imports and outputs is compatible with these tools 
> although we didn't run the Scribus input components or page output 
> through them as was the case for the InDesign pages.
>> As there's no such one between QuarkXPress and Scribus...
> The Times Community Media doesn't have these products.  They have a 
> contract printer for 10 weekly issues.
>> Anyway, smart job SCS!
> Thanks Flem for asking very good questions!
> I'll ask Marty to fill in more details.
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> From: Patrick Ernst <patrick at aroaustralia.com>
> >Great to see support for Scribus like this. It shows that Scribus has 
> reached a level of maturity when a commercial organisation chooses to 
> add its support. Congrats to Scribus team and SCS.
> Thanks.  We are quite heartened by the responses to our efforts so far.
> >The PDF was good to peruse. I did note that both Indesign and Quark 
> font resolution was better and more legible.
> Keen observation!
> >It looked like the letters from those product were better 
> anti-aliased, whereas the text from Scribus appeared a bit crude. A 
> function of the export to PDF perhaps?
> There are two things going on here.   Scribus 1.4.3 imports PDFs by 
> rasterizing them.  For the kind of images we need to produce this 
> could be a show stopper.  We built Scribus v1.5 as observed that (as 
> promised) PDFs were imported without rasterization.  This was a 
> positive game changer for us.
> And those pesky fonts!!!  To make the pages we picked a set of 
> available, non-licensed fonts that looked about right and had close 
> enough font metrics.   We needed to adjust the set size etc. to get a 
> fair match.  For the high end using a newspaper's licensed fonts with 
> Scribus would solve this.
> Very good observation!!
> >cheers Patrick
> Thanks, Patric for making such very good observations.
> ----------------------------------------------------
>> Great news!
>> Welcome to the Scribus community.
>> Diego
> We are very happy to join you and the Scribus Community and lend what 
> support we can.
> Richard.
> cichelli at newspapersystems.com
> www.newspapersystems.com
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