[scribus] SCS, Scribus, ScrIMLay and PDF pages.

Flem flemblog at free.fr
Thu Mar 13 23:24:55 UTC 2014

Le 13/03/2014 16:56, Richard Cichelli a écrit :
> snip...
>> Very impressive results on the provided Dropbox PDF.
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/hwvcw4emmyjm0d5/ScribusPages.pdf
> Thanks.  And I agree.  Thank Marty, who made the pages with
> Scribus.

Thanks Marty!

>> The only question is: where does this images colour
>> variation between InDesign and Scribus come from?
> A very smart question!
> The InDesign pages come from Lancaster Newspapers. I suspect
> that the differences might be due to workflow differences.  
> LN run a product we supply to US newspapers called Alwan
> CMYK Optimizer
> http://www.newspapersystems.com/Products/CMYKOptimizer and
> another product we also supply here from FotoWare called
> ColorFactory
> http://www.newspapersystems.com/FotoWare/ColorFactory.  
> Both of these products greatly improve high end newspaper
> production through automation, image quality improvement and
> ink saving. The image changes are subtle on screens, but
> very noticeable on press output. What Scribus imports and
> outputs is compatible with these tools although we didn't
> run the Scribus input components or page output through them
> as was the case for the InDesign pages.
>> As there's no such one between QuarkXPress and Scribus...
> The Times Community Media doesn't have these products.  They
> have a contract printer for 10 weekly issues.
> snip...

Thank you Richard, that issue wasn't actually one and the
real cause of this difference is perfectly clear now.  :)

Keep on with all that good work an have fun with Scribus.


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