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>     1.  Co-Inventor of QuarkXPress Xtensions Offers Scribus	Support
>        (Christoph Sch?fer)
> From: Flem <flemblog at free.fr>
> Wow, that's great news!
> Very impressive results on the provided Dropbox PDF.

Thanks.  And I agree.  Thank Marty, who made the pages with Scribus.
> The only question is: where does this images colour
> variation between InDesign and Scribus come from?
A very smart question!

The InDesign pages come from Lancaster Newspapers. I suspect that the 
differences might be due to workflow differences.   LN run a product we 
supply to US newspapers called Alwan CMYK Optimizer 
http://www.newspapersystems.com/Products/CMYKOptimizer and another 
product we also supply here from FotoWare called ColorFactory 
http://www.newspapersystems.com/FotoWare/ColorFactory.   Both of these 
products greatly improve high end newspaper production through 
automation, image quality improvement and ink saving. The image changes 
are subtle on screens, but very noticeable on press output. What Scribus 
imports and outputs is compatible with these tools although we didn't 
run the Scribus input components or page output through them as was the 
case for the InDesign pages.
> As there's no such one between QuarkXPress and Scribus...
The Times Community Media doesn't have these products.  They have a 
contract printer for 10 weekly issues.
> Anyway, smart job SCS!
Thanks Flem for asking very good questions!

I'll ask Marty to fill in more details.


From: Patrick Ernst <patrick at aroaustralia.com>

 >Great to see support for Scribus like this. It shows that Scribus has 
reached a level of maturity when a commercial organisation chooses to 
add its support. Congrats to Scribus team and SCS.

Thanks.  We are quite heartened by the responses to our efforts so far.

 >The PDF was good to peruse. I did note that both Indesign and Quark 
font resolution was better and more legible.

Keen observation!

 >It looked like the letters from those product were better 
anti-aliased, whereas the text from Scribus appeared a bit crude. A 
function of the export to PDF perhaps?

There are two things going on here.   Scribus 1.4.3 imports PDFs by 
rasterizing them.  For the kind of images we need to produce this could 
be a show stopper.  We built Scribus v1.5 as observed that (as promised) 
PDFs were imported without rasterization.  This was a positive game 
changer for us.

And those pesky fonts!!!  To make the pages we picked a set of 
available, non-licensed fonts that looked about right and had close 
enough font metrics.   We needed to adjust the set size etc. to get a 
fair match.  For the high end using a newspaper's licensed fonts with 
Scribus would solve this.

Very good observation!!

 >cheers Patrick

Thanks, Patric for making such very good observations.


>Great news!

>Welcome to the Scribus community.


We are very happy to join you and the Scribus Community and lend what support we can.


cichelli at newspapersystems.com


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