[scribus] Stalking the wild 'RTL language support' in Scribus

Andreas Vox avox at arcor.de
Wed Jun 11 15:27:28 UTC 2014

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> Subject: [scribus] Stalking the wild 'RTL language support' in Scribus
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> Every so often - sometimes as a rumor, sometimes as a 'BTW', sometime as a
> patch - the issue of RTL support comes up on the ML or forums. To me these
> are hopeful moments because this shows the necessity for the existence of
> this, I'm told, feature. Yet it is obviously a complicated matter to
> implement.
> The hope is that the challenges will be overcome. My limited comprehension
> on this subject does grasp though that this RTL patch needs to
> simultaneously respect and be built side by side with a ongoing current
> Scribus infrastructure code change. This added complexity makes for more
> time delays and possible diminishing enthusiasm.
> So I'm just wanting to say, whoever is working on RTL, please keep the
> Scribus community updated. Make yourselves be known and post what your
> challenges and milestones are. It's important.
> Thanks for everyone involved in this.

Hi Kunda,

I guess that would be me on the Scribus team. I'm currently sidetracked with
refactoring the PDF code. After that I'll return to RTL + nonlatin scripts. 
As soon as I have the necessary infrastructure changes in place, I'll create a
project on Github and ask for people to join the effort.


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