[scribus] Scribus sla to epub (export) q. (calibre does not work)

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Jun 5 11:53:34 UTC 2014

On 06/05/2014 04:53 AM, Richard Foley wrote:
> That's actually quite helpful visual feedback, thanks, Peter.
> It doesn't fix my problem, but it helps understand why it's sufficiently
> complex that the tool is not there, yet. The original point still stands
> though, and this makes it clearer, (at least to me), why Scribus is the right
> place to export the PDF, which Scribus knows how to write. Therefore it would
> also know how to export the epub correctly as well. I think.
For various reasons, I think that the solution when it comes will
involve a consideration of epub output/export at some earlier stage
before export to PDF. My experience is that, as good as calibre is, it's
not very good at converting PDFs to ePub regardless of the source of the
PDF, but I think this has to do with the nature of a PDF.

ePub creation would benefit from getting at the raw materials for some
layout, since by its nature and because of the various devices that
might view an ePub, the layout has to be flexible. Yet there has to
develop some way of tacking down images and illustrations so that they
don't drift too far away.

I've put it aside for a bit, but I was playing around with a Scribus to
XML converter. While I had thought that taking the Scribus "XML" and
converting it might be a suitable answer, the problem there is that
every time you add a new object, it gets appended to the end of the
Scribus SLA, even if at the end of a project you added something to page
one. Challenging to parse this.

More promising seemed to be creating a script that would go through a
document, page by page, and parse out the content, building an XML.
Still, there was a lot of work to be done from the initial beginnings I
had come up with. I'd like to revisit this project when I can find the time.


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