[scribus] Scribus sla to epub (export) q. (calibre does not work)

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I guess the result will always be better if done by the software itself than by a conversion tool. For example how will calibre deal with page numbers, footnotes, image captions... there many cases where a conversion tool can not understand the layout, especially when it is done from PDF which is not semantic.

As for dealing with fixed layout, i don't know Apple succeeded in putting that in mind it would be a solution whereas epub efforts are being made to make a document be adapted to screens size and adapt layout to it. May be i don't believe enough in it to understand it but would we like a website to have a fixed layout, so why an e-book ?

and last question is : would it make it easier for ale's plugin ? i'm not sure. Trouble actually is to get a well structured document with all epub requirement like toc, or opf. And actually we are missing these basic feature in scribus itself.


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> Going from PDF to epub makes sense because everything is laid out
> correctly, as
> it is in the original SLA. Somehow all of this gets lost in any further
> conversions. That is the problem, it's like having to start all over again
> in
> Word/LibreOffice. Seems a bit barseackwards, no?
What I was trying to tell you is that it is not necessarily laid out

When you view the PDF you see an "image" rendered by the PDF viewer, but
you do not see in what order the items (and for Scribus each character is
an item) were laid out (you would maybe see on a very very slow computer).

When Scribus creates a PDF it does not necessarily start in the top left
corner and work itself downwards, it might as well place the objects by the
order they appear in the SLA or some other arbitrary order.

When you see the word "Hello!" you do not know in what order the letters
were placed. For a visual reading the order is not important as long as the
are all in the correct place.

You can decompress a PDF and look at the "postscript" within the PDF to see
the complexity.

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