[scribus] FW: To improve Scribus to be common in Asia and Africa .

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Wed Jun 4 13:28:22 UTC 2014

On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 4:51 AM, Kunda Loves Scribus <scribus.user at gmail.com>

>  I hope many users who need these features will test your version. I
>> wonder if someone could volunteer to build Windows and OS X versions from
>> your source base.
> Any volunteers willing to show me how to build Scribus on OS X utilizing
> Mosaab's patch? In the process we could create a generic Homebrew formula
> that could be utilized for other patch testing in the future.
> What we need for the 1.5.0svn branch, though, is patches, patches, and
>> patches. You also have to coordinate your efforts with Andreas's
>> refactoring work, not the least because the latter could make the creation
>> of patches a lot easier.
> Andreas, where is the location of the code you are refactoring: on a dev
> branch or perhaps a private repo? How does one follow your work? How does
> one coordinate development with you?
> TIA,
> /Kunda

Might be unrelated, though it could be useful any how:

This popped up on the PoDoFo mailing list:

"What I'm really interested to explore is using PoDoFo for outputting
typeset Arabic --- via the superb Harfbuzz OpenType shaping engine. I
have Harfbuzz working well and can generate shaped Arabic text. The
output of Harfbuzz (and FreeType) is a set of glyphs IDs together with
full positioning and glyph/metric data. With Arabic, many of the glyphs
may not have a corresponding Unicode character value --- i.e., they are
"visual forms" and not encoded in Unicode. I use OpenType fonts exclusively.

So, I guess my question is: Can PoDoFo take a set of glyph IDs and
positions/metrics and use that to render Arabic in a PDF with a subset

I must confess that I'm not at all a strong C++ programmer, I mostly code
in C, so any suggestions on where to start with PoDoFo to output Arabic
(based on the above) would be very helpful --- or if it is not possible
that would be good to know."
Author: Drupal <drupal at readytext.co.uk>

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