[scribus] scibus 1.5 setting for columns and text flow around frame igbored when generating a pdf

Pat Nolin kumashiro17 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 23:46:38 UTC 2014


is someone know a workaround for the following 

i have a page containing a text frame with text on 2 columns.
i have a picture frame that is over the text frame. the setting for  "text flow around frame" is set to "use contour line".

on screen, it looks fine, when i export that page (or any page with that setting), the pdf result show the text frame under the picture, but the text doesn't go around the picture. also, the text is shown as 1 column. when the document come back in scribut, it looks the same : picture over the text and 1 column. but as soon as i click on the picture, everything goes back to normal.



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