[scribus] Scribus Kickstarter/donations

Hans Schmidt z0idberg at gmx.de
Tue Jul 15 15:36:55 UTC 2014

Am 15.07.2014 14:20, schrieb Alexandre Prokoudine:
> It's complicated.
> Donating for implementing particular features suggests a social
> contract such as what Krita has with their, er, donors :) That, in
> return, suggests having developers available for hire. Krita has
> those. What about Scribus? I don't know.
> I've seen at least two attempts at paid development by Scribus
> developers (those OiF projects I mentioned). To the best of my
> knowledge, none of them were even publicly announced, and you've got
> to grow a really thick skin to even discuss the matter with the team.
> Also, I'm not sure, what kind of money counts for "respectable
> amount". People like donating for sexy apps. Scribus isn't sexy -- by
> design. It's for getting stuff done in a industry that has seen better
> days. DTP was never popular in comparison to e.g. digital photography.
> Call me a skeptic, but getting a successful fundraiser for Scribus
> would involve a major reorganization in how the project operates, both
> internally and externally. Not that it shouldn't be done, mind you :)
> Alex

Yes, I already thought a little about the problem. I guess the hardest
part is having a developer, who
- already knows the Scribus code
- has several months to spare

I guess nobody will quit their usual day job just for working one or two
months for Scribus. Having a outside developer taking that part is too
complicated, I think. With Krita I have seen that one of the developers,
Sven, has just finished university and can more or less use the time
before starting a job to develop for Krita. For Scribus that might be hard.

Unfortunately my developing skills are not so good as that I could
really know how a developer works in an OSS project. But maybe some
small money foundation would be nice to buy some resources (books,
hardware) which might be useful. Or maybe provide a little incentive to
develop a little bit more.

Yeah, but money can maybe do more harm than good if not organized properly.

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