[scribus] Icon Missing On Menu Bar

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sat Jul 12 01:23:08 UTC 2014

On 07/11/2014 09:00 PM, William wrote:
> Hi Group,
> I’m going through the Rembrandt tutorial, which can be found here:
> http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Help:Manual_Quickstart#Scribus_Quick_Start_Guide
> and have encountered two problems. After selecting the default color
> palette of “Scribus Basic”, the next step was to select color swatch
> “scribus X11" I did find simply X11, but not “scribus X11". Perhaps the
> tutorial was built with an earlier version of Scribus. Mine is 1.4.4
> After creating a new document, which went smoothly, the instructions are as
> follows:
> “Next, we need a gray background for our page. Click on the white (or light
> gray) rectangle in the menu bar or simply press S on the keyboard.”
> I cannot find any white or light gray rectangle on the menu bar, and the
> “S” key is not doing anything, as far as I can determine.
> Your input on this little problem is greatly appreciated.
It's good to know people are using the tutorial. As you can see from the 
screenshots, it was made with 1.3.9svn, but should still be valid for 1.4.4.

1. Yes, Scribus X11 is now called just X11.
2. It's hard to imagine that you don't have the Insert Shape icon on the 
menu bar. You may want to try hovering over each item on the toolbar to 
see its tooltip, which can be useful for the future. The one for the 
Shape icon says, "Insert Shape (S)". Perhaps something that is 
misleading is that you might think that you should press Shift-S, as in 
capital S, but no, just press the S key as if you're making a small s. 
This should activate the cursor for making a rectangle. If you happen to 
be in Edit Contents mode, pressing the Esc key will get you out of it. 
You can always go to the menu for Insert > Insert Shape.
When you find the icon, you'll a down-pointing arrow beside it, where 
you can change the default shape that you make.


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