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William allokusa at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 02:49:29 UTC 2014


Thanks for your reply. There are 19 icons on my menu bar but not a single
one to insert a shape, and that is part of the problem. The tutorial reads:

 The author assumes (INCORRECTLY) that I understand that we must first
insert a shape in order to create the background.!!

I assumed that pressing the s key, would create a gray background. I did
not press the shift key as the instructions did not say to do so. However,
I obviously missed noting that the cursor had changed, or it might have
been off the page. My Bad!

I should also mention that I was not in the Edit Contents mode, however, I
just found the missing icon(s): Windows Menu>Tools. !!

My apologies for not trimming this post. I still haven't figured out how to
do that in gmail !!

On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 9:23 PM, Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com> wrote:

> On 07/11/2014 09:00 PM, William wrote:
>> Hi Group,
>> I’m going through the Rembrandt tutorial, which can be found here:
>> http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Help:Manual_Quickstart#
>> Scribus_Quick_Start_Guide
>> and have encountered two problems. After selecting the default color
>> palette of “Scribus Basic”, the next step was to select color swatch
>> “scribus X11" I did find simply X11, but not “scribus X11". Perhaps the
>> tutorial was built with an earlier version of Scribus. Mine is 1.4.4
>> After creating a new document, which went smoothly, the instructions are
>> as
>> follows:
>> “Next, we need a gray background for our page. Click on the white (or
>> light
>> gray) rectangle in the menu bar or simply press S on the keyboard.”
>> I cannot find any white or light gray rectangle on the menu bar, and the
>> “S” key is not doing anything, as far as I can determine.
>> Your input on this little problem is greatly appreciated.
>>  It's good to know people are using the tutorial. As you can see from the
> screenshots, it was made with 1.3.9svn, but should still be valid for 1.4.4.
> 1. Yes, Scribus X11 is now called just X11.
> 2. It's hard to imagine that you don't have the Insert Shape icon on the
> menu bar. You may want to try hovering over each item on the toolbar to see
> its tooltip, which can be useful for the future. The one for the Shape icon
> says, "Insert Shape (S)". Perhaps something that is misleading is that you
> might think that you should press Shift-S, as in capital S, but no, just
> press the S key as if you're making a small s. This should activate the
> cursor for making a rectangle. If you happen to be in Edit Contents mode,
> pressing the Esc key will get you out of it. You can always go to the menu
> for Insert > Insert Shape.
> When you find the icon, you'll a down-pointing arrow beside it, where you
> can change the default shape that you make.
> Greg
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