[scribus] Icon Missing On Menu Bar

William allokusa at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 01:00:35 UTC 2014

Hi Group,

I’m going through the Rembrandt tutorial, which can be found here:


and have encountered two problems. After selecting the default color
palette of “Scribus Basic”, the next step was to select color swatch
“scribus X11" I did find simply X11, but not “scribus X11". Perhaps the
tutorial was built with an earlier version of Scribus. Mine is 1.4.4

After creating a new document, which went smoothly, the instructions are as

“Next, we need a gray background for our page. Click on the white (or light
gray) rectangle in the menu bar or simply press S on the keyboard.”

I cannot find any white or light gray rectangle on the menu bar, and the
“S” key is not doing anything, as far as I can determine.

Your input on this little problem is greatly appreciated.

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