[scribus] Has anyone noticed

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Wed Feb 19 14:38:35 UTC 2014

On 02/18/2014 11:19 PM, C. Van Heyden wrote:
> Has anyone noticed that Scribus. 1.4.1 tends to be sluggish in regards to
> updating the Text Frame as well as omitting pages in the Story Editor while
> adding and adding more "No Style" in the left panel in stacks in the  Story
> Editor?
I've not seen sluggishness in this way. Having said that, if you're
working with a lot of text that links many many frames, then there might
be some sluggishness. Remember that you can press Ctrl-U to update the
text without exiting Story Editor. It's also worth mentioning that some
Scribus users avoid Story Editor because it's a bit clunky. You can edit
right on the workspace with Edit Contents mode.

All of these No Style labels relate to the fact that you can change the
style paragraph by paragraph, so you can see which ones you might have
applied some style to. Story Editor, of course, doesn't show the text in
any style other than its own (which is changeable).

> I abandoned Word because of it's insane practice of discombobulating my
> pages uon SAVING and screwing up the pagination when selecting even odd
> headers, so this is just more of the same balderdash.

Scribus has its own balderdash, but the layout should be pretty stable
on saving and reopening.


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