[scribus] more spell checking

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Wed Feb 12 20:21:38 UTC 2014

Hi Martin

> We happen to have built our own dictionary .dic and .aff file for our
> local African language. Our language is called "Anii" and our language
> code is "BLO".
> I found the folder, where Scribus is storing the dictionaries and put
> copies there.
> It seems that I still need to tell Scribus about this "new language",
> there is probably some configuration file somewhere. Please advise.

Your best bet for now is to just copy it to an existing filename.

Scribus has a static list in the source file that tells it about languages and the translations of
the language names. I've added Anii to that list so 1.4.4 will have that language included. Can you
please send me your .dic file?


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