[scribus] A strange font problem.

Joe Zeff joe at zeff.us
Sat Aug 23 18:23:36 UTC 2014

On 08/23/2014 10:59 AM, john Culleton wrote:
> In a foolish moment I deleted a gaggle of Middle
> Eastern fonts from /usr/share/fonts/OTF. Somehow
> someway my XFCE GUI started showing nothing but
> square boxes where a character should be.

Did you just delete them, or did you uninstall them?  If you simply 
deleted the files, this may be part of the issue.  Check with whatever 
community support is available for your Linux distro and find out what's 
needed to get things back in sync.  Then, if Scribus still isn't doing 
things right, let us know and somebody will probably be able to help you.

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