[scribus] qt5 requirements for 1.5.0svn

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Wed Sep 25 18:26:19 UTC 2013

> I have used Slackware since the mid-90s and neither the stable release
> nor the Slack Current release support Qt5. Indeed when KDE 3.x was
> replaced by KDE 4.x the complaints were so many that Slackware began
> featuring XFCE as an optional GUI choice in the install dialogue. Only
> recently has KDE4 improved to the point of usability. It is still slow
> to load compared to its predecessors. 
> I see a parallel situation in Scribus development. Thus far no one has
> mentioned any benefits of Qt5 to Scribus users. I understand that the
> developers like it. But like KDE4 the developers of Scribus may have
> jumped the gun a bit. I may have to set up a separate partition just
> for Scribus 1.5.0/1.6.0. If someone can mention
> a version of Linux that features Qt5 as standard I would be most
> grateful.

I take your point with simply comparing versions.. but..

There's one very very big difference John - KDE is an end user product. Qt5 is something developers
use to create an end user product. We also don't really need to let users know what's better because
of Qt5, because its really in the background - but, as I have *already* said.. it will allow us to
rewrite the Properties Palette properly (and I bet there's 2 pages of related bugs on the tracker
for this), and it immediately fixes the scrolling bugs on OSX. Those are two major issues. There's
tonnes more related to other submitted bugs, especially GUI related issues, and in any case, most of
it will end up behind the scenes.

We've also recently removed compatibility with LCMS version 1 (LittleCMS), and we have bumped up
requirements for both CMake and cairo, and removed our private copy of a development version of
cairo from our source tree. Things in 1.5 are changing, and it won't stop with those first ones.

And again, Scribus 1.5 is a *development* version. While generally stable, we still don't recommend
development versions for real work. We reserve the right to break things in 1.5 at any time for any
length of time (although we try hard to avoid this). Whenever 1.6.0 comes out, then it will be the
recommended end user version, and I am sure the distros will have it, and surely a long time before
then. There are other options like building it yourself that you can try now.


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