[scribus] qt5 requirements for 1.5.0svn

john Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
Wed Sep 25 14:50:19 UTC 2013

On Tue, 24 Sep 2013 07:29:15 -0400
Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com> wrote:

> On 09/24/2013 04:30 AM, Craig Bradney wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > On 24 Sep 2013, at 9:05, Czarek <czarek at oferuje.pl> wrote:
> > 
> >>> How about two versions of 1.5.0, one for Qt4 users and one for Qt5
> >>> users?
> >>
> >> In fact 1.5 is still development version and it is not for users.
> >> Fact that 1.5 is highly usable and stable is only good sign for
> >> developers they do the best but is not any promise it will be all
> >> the time before final release.
> >>
> >> So dont expect any "userfriendly" installation process now.
> >> It is your risk that you use 1.5 already and you must fit
> >> requirements, not developers.
> > 
> > Yes that's exactly right. We will also be bumping up requirements
> > on cairo and removing lcms 1 support shortly.
> > 
> > If your platform or distro doesn't support qt5 then either use the
> > last revision of svn that supported qt4, or build qt5 yourself, or
> > switch distro.
> > 
> > Take it as a good thing - forward looking changes and more active
> > development!
> > 
> > Also, you should complain to your distros that do not support qt5,
> > it been out for almost a year!
> > 
> A side benefit was that once I had qt5, I could then build the latest
> Sigil (0.7.3), which also requires it.
> Greg

I have used Slackware since the mid-90s and neither the stable release
nor the Slack Current release support Qt5. Indeed when KDE 3.x was
replaced by KDE 4.x the complaints were so many that Slackware began
featuring XFCE as an optional GUI choice in the install dialogue. Only
recently has KDE4 improved to the point of usability. It is still slow
to load compared to its predecessors. 

I see a parallel situation in Scribus development. Thus far no one has
mentioned any benefits of Qt5 to Scribus users. I understand that the
developers like it. But like KDE4 the developers of Scribus may have
jumped the gun a bit. I may have to set up a separate partition just
for Scribus 1.5.0/1.6.0. If someone can mention
a version of Linux that features Qt5 as standard I would be most

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