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Andreas Hünnebeck acmh at gmx.de
Wed Oct 16 19:13:01 UTC 2013

Ao Friday, 11. Oktober 2013, 21:11:46 Gregory Pittman wrote:
> On 10/11/2013 08:53 PM, Annie Stopyro wrote:
> > How can I prevent my bleed from appearing on the adjacent page when saving
> > a pdf? My printer needs bleed and cut marks.
> Not quite sure if I know what you mean, but I guess you're showing your
> pages in a Double-Sided display?
> For some situations, like having a picture that is in the fold of a
> magazine or book, this would be desirable.

When elements are in the fold the PDF is correct. The problem occurs when an 
element (image, frame, whatever) begins at the inner edge of a page, but does 
not continue onto the opposite page. Since my printer requires a 3 mm bleed at 
all sides of a page (also the inner sides) the element must fill the bleed. The 
part of the element which fills the bleed erronously also appears on the 
opposite page in the PDF.

As an example: left page is empty, right page contains an image which shall 
fill the whole page. Bleed is 3 mm on all sides. In the PDF the left page 
contains 6 mm of the left side of the image from the right page, and 3 mm of 
these are in the bleed zone. Correctly the left page should be empty. The 
riǵht page is correct (image fills page plus bleed zone on all 4 sides), 

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