[scribus] Printing from Scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Oct 3 14:16:52 UTC 2013

On 10/03/2013 09:32 AM, Ian "Witty"Whitfield wrote:
> Thanks JLuc
> Appreciated!!
>> Le 03/10/2013 09:56, Ian "Witty"Whitfield a écrit :
>>> I was able to set the layout for the Labels perfectly with no
>>> problem. I entered all the information and pressed print.
>>> After a longish wait the printer reports "No Paper". No matter what I
>>> do all I get is this error, (which is incorrect,
>>> the printer works fine and is printing OK - see below)
>>> In desperation I decided to export the file to a PDF and try and
>>> print that - This worked perfectly!! BUT it took a long
>>> time to print out each page (about 5 mins). Printer is a Laser
>>> Printer, not an Ink-Jet)
>>> Has anybody come across this problem with Scribus at all??
>> Yes.
>> Scribus should not be used to print but to create the PDF that is
>> exported.
>> Printer is slow because PDF is very big, isn't ?
>> JLuc
> However - for what it's worth ...
> I'm happy to export to PDF - I do this all the time with the Journal I
> produce every month -
> and exporting did the trick for me this time with the labels. BUT ...
> 1. If Scribus is *NOT* to be used for Printing - Why does it have a
> 'Print' option??
> 2. File size - the .sla for each A4 page is 34Kb and the resulting .pdf
> files are just under 320Kb.
> I don't consider these to be "large" files (???)
> I just tested with a 33Kb .doc file from LO Writer and it took 10sec to
> start printing on my Laser Printer.
Most of my day-to-day use of Scribus is making various things that I
have no intention of exporting to PDF, and print directly from Scribus.

For about the last dozen versions of Fedora, it is not possible to print
from Scribus without using an Alternative Printer command, but I have
had no problems doing that. This problem sounds like a local one on the
computer -- perhaps you might try using lpr-whatever to see if it's any


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