[scribus] Printing from Scribus

Ian "Witty"Whitfield editor at federalsaints.net
Thu Oct 3 13:32:22 UTC 2013

Thanks JLuc

> Le 03/10/2013 09:56, Ian "Witty"Whitfield a écrit :
>> I was able to set the layout for the Labels perfectly with no 
>> problem. I entered all the information and pressed print.
>> After a longish wait the printer reports "No Paper". No matter what I 
>> do all I get is this error, (which is incorrect,
>> the printer works fine and is printing OK - see below)
>> In desperation I decided to export the file to a PDF and try and 
>> print that - This worked perfectly!! BUT it took a long
>> time to print out each page (about 5 mins). Printer is a Laser 
>> Printer, not an Ink-Jet)
>> Has anybody come across this problem with Scribus at all??
> Yes.
> Scribus should not be used to print but to create the PDF that is 
> exported.
> Printer is slow because PDF is very big, isn't ?
> JLuc

However - for what it's worth ...

I'm happy to export to PDF - I do this all the time with the Journal I 
produce every month -
and exporting did the trick for me this time with the labels. BUT ...

1. If Scribus is *NOT* to be used for Printing - Why does it have a 
'Print' option??

2. File size - the .sla for each A4 page is 34Kb and the resulting .pdf 
files are just under 320Kb.
I don't consider these to be "large" files (???)

I just tested with a 33Kb .doc file from LO Writer and it took 10sec to 
start printing on my Laser Printer.

Thanks for the confirmation that I went the right way!!

Pretoria RSA

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