[scribus] Adobe ends perpetual licenses

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen at t-online.de
Mon May 13 06:53:08 UTC 2013

> The only organization I know anything about is my university, a large
> (25,000 students) urban state-run university. There are half a dozen
> "computer labs" scattered around the campus, including two in the
> library. Students can use these computers for whatever they need. Each
> lab has about 10% Macs and the rest are 10-year old Dells running
> Windows 7. At the time of their acquisition I'm sure the university
> bought the cheapest thing that would get the job done at the time. I
> have used these computers and they are painful. I doubt the hard drive
> is more than 10 GB, 20 at the max. They are similarly underpowered on
> RAM and CPU.

Ever heard of LTSP? Might be a good way to keep the old computers and 
use them as clients for another couple of years. The university would 
only have to invest into a few bigger computers which are  servers - and 
maybe someone who sets up the whole thing.

You could even have Win7 (via RDP) or Win programs (Wine) running on it. 
At least this is the way we do it in our school.

I'm even using this for my computer in the office, and yes, I'm using 
Scribus on it :-)


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