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Manuel Schmalstieg webdev at ms-studio.net
Fri May 10 12:51:51 UTC 2013

Sharon, I agree with you. Let's launch a Scribus design task force!

Having that kind of "semi-professional" look and feel is very normal in the
area of non-commercial software. And it's a general trend, in the field of
science, or of software engineering. Look for instance at the web page of
Tim Berners-Lee http://www.w3.org/People/Berners-Lee/ – it's certainly not
a matter of lack of funds, it's just a different mindset. Among software
engineers, you *dont'* judge a book by looking at the inside, not by it's
cover (quite the opposite, actually).

If a few people join forces and invest the needed energy, we may perhaps
achieve something. As an inspiration, we can look at the FontForge website
redesign, that went from this - http://fontforge.org/ - to this more
inviting version : http://fontforge.github.io/

On the other hand, here is a bad example of slapping "professional design"
on a FLOSS project in an artificial way – the new landing page for
LibreOffice, that was commissioned from some design agency:

On Fri, May 10, 2013 at 2:06 PM, Sharon Villines
<sharon at sharonvillines.com>wrote:

> I just joined this list in preparation for my version of InDesign to
> become obsolete. I've looked at Scribus and find that it will require a
> period of learning that I'm not yet willing to do. By reading this list I
> thought I might become more attached to the open source effort and pick up
> some and learn a bit here  and there so it won't be so hard later.
> In visiting the website to join and clicking through to various
> information sites, I am struck by the low level of design quality. The
> websites look like throw backs to the 1990s. Is this intentional?  When it
> is not up to industry standards it doesn't convince me of the capabilities
> of the software. In graphic design, the book is judged by the cover.
> Artists not only adopt software they join an aesthetic. Adobe is an example.
> Since there is wonderful open source software readily available for
> website design, like Wordpress which arrives with good typography and color
> palettes, why not use it?
> Sharon
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> Sharon Villines, Washington DC
> "Design is the first sign of human intention." William McDonough
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