[scribus] New Reader Impressions

Sharon Villines sharon at sharonvillines.com
Fri May 10 12:06:12 UTC 2013

I just joined this list in preparation for my version of InDesign to become obsolete. I've looked at Scribus and find that it will require a period of learning that I'm not yet willing to do. By reading this list I thought I might become more attached to the open source effort and pick up some and learn a bit here  and there so it won't be so hard later.

In visiting the website to join and clicking through to various information sites, I am struck by the low level of design quality. The websites look like throw backs to the 1990s. Is this intentional?  When it is not up to industry standards it doesn't convince me of the capabilities of the software. In graphic design, the book is judged by the cover. Artists not only adopt software they join an aesthetic. Adobe is an example.

Since there is wonderful open source software readily available for website design, like Wordpress which arrives with good typography and color palettes, why not use it?

Sharon Villines, Washington DC
"Design is the first sign of human intention." William McDonough

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