[scribus] glyph rendering question

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Wed Jan 30 08:13:33 UTC 2013

Le 30/01/2013 04:37, John Jason Jordan a écrit :
> The usual root of this problem is that the font does not contain the
> glyph.

Yes, and solution to manage this is NOT to paste the glyph coming
from some other publication where it has been copied,
but to insert it from the current font using the "insert > glyph..."
menu command and selecting the glyph amongst those proposed...
if it is there !
If it does not appear there, which is currently probably the case,
you have to change the font untill you find one with it.

Some font are very rich in lots of characters,
some other are very poor.

For this same reason, all different spaces (thin, non breaking, etc)
dont allways appear active in the Insert > Spaces menu command.
It's a font choice crucial element.

> Here, the Story Editor will lie to you and display the glyph,
> but in canvas view the glyph will not appear. If it appears in canvas
> view it ought to print and it ought to make it into the PDF, assuming
> the PDF export is set properly.
> If the glyph is in the font and it appears in canvas view, but does not
> appear in a PDF, try setting the font to "outline" in the PDF export
> options.


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