[scribus] glyph rendering question

Steve Wright stevew at etmeli.us
Thu Jan 31 02:44:56 UTC 2013

John Jason Jordan and JLuc, thank you and merci!

The question I was asking was really "why can I see the heart symbol in the
editor, but not on the canvas?"  Knowing that it was an issue with the
chosen font took care of it for me.  I went into the glyph chooser, found a
font that had it (Times New Roman) and selected the glyph from there.  Then
I had to select the glyph in the story editor and manually change it to
Times New Roman, and then it would show in the canvas.

Learned something today!  Thank you both!


When I could find voice, I shrieked aloud in agony, "Either this is madness
or it is Hell."  "It is neither," calmly replied the voice of the Sphere,
"it is Knowledge." *Flatland*, by Edwin A. Abbott
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