[scribus] 1.4.2 and Fedora 18

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sat Feb 23 11:06:05 UTC 2013

hi greg,

> I think there are just some purists with a particular attitude that
> doesn't make sense to me.

in my eyes, it's not about purism at all.

it's about setting some clear rules and sticking to it.

this means that once i've understood the general rules, i can use all
the tools and content provided, if my use fits those general rules.

if the "system" accepts exceptions that are out of the rules, in the
best case my life gets more complicated because i have to check for
each resource i use, if those exceptions are compatible with each single
specific use.
in the worst case the final work is not possible.

in promoting and using free software (especially in graphics!!!) we
don't have many advantages against the rest of the world... let's try
to keep one of the view that we have! (that is: simplicity in the
managements of the (copy) rights!)


p.s.: in the specific case, being a teacher i can assume that i can use
the documentation provided by a free linux distribution for every
meaningful use, provided i mention where i took the resources and use
the least liberal of the (compatible among each other!) licenses.
what can i do if one resources forbids creating an epub, the other pdfs
and the third one distributing printed copies?

p.p.s.: just to recall the current situation: in some free
distributions, the scribus docs are simply stripped from the package
and in other ones it's moved to a separate nonfree package that does not
get installed by default alongside with scribus. the result is that
many first time users don't get the documentation. and those linux
distributions happen to be the most popular and recommended for our
potential users, not the most obscure ones! 

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