[scribus] 1.4.2 and Fedora 18

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Sat Feb 23 11:47:49 UTC 2013

Hi Ale

> it's about setting some clear rules and sticking to it.

our rules have not changed.

> p.s.: in the specific case, being a teacher i can assume that i can use
> the documentation provided by a free linux distribution for every
> meaningful use, provided i mention where i took the resources and use
> the least liberal of the (compatible among each other!) licenses.
> what can i do if one resources forbids creating an epub, the other pdfs
> and the third one distributing printed copies?

You need to do that anyway. One distro does not guarantee all licenses are the same. Each free
license has different terms.

For your teaching purposes, you can use the Scribus docs, no problem, as long as you aren't making a
printed book from the docs for reasons other than for teaching and selling it with the aim of making
profit without feeding any of the money back to the authors/Scribus. Using it for teaching Scribus
is fine.


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