[scribus] What is Glyphenstauchung?

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Dec 19 23:01:41 UTC 2013

I think you'll find that for small amounts of text, glyph extension isn't likely to be worthwhile.

It's best used for blocks of text where you have some issues with the evenness of text, perhaps irregularities in the typographic color such as rivers.

If your notes or captions are short you may want to just handle it manually, maybe create a style that modifies the original font as a starting point.


Rolf-Werner Eilert <eilert-sprachen at t-online.de> wrote:
>Hi Martin,
>Here is how I came about this function (which I strangely enough
>totally up to now...)
>I'm planning to layout a family chronicle. My father has made one, but 
>used only Word to write the texts and collected the texts and photos in
>a number of simple folders. The only layout is that he used plastic 
>sheets specially made for holding photos and some for the texts.
>As the period of time he covered reaches back to about 1760, stretching
>over all the decades since then, my idea was to make several books each
>with a special look of that age or decade. The first one should look 
>somewhat like 19th century.
>I have a reprint of a book of 1893. They simply photographed the pages,
>so it's the original font and layout. After some experimenting, I found
>it is nearly Bodoni (and some other fonts which I haven't found yet), 
>but my Bodoni is somewhat rounder.

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