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ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Sat Dec 7 23:54:10 UTC 2013

Dear all,

thank you lots for so much input and for so many ideas.

Interestingly, nobody has commented on this "feature" of Scribus of
making output even invisible (forbidden) to "group" and "others". (Maybe
users in the publishing industry have requested this for privacy
reasons?). I take the silence to mean, that there is no place in Scribus
where I could tweak that behavior.

I am root.

The trainees are not root and will never see that pw.

The trainees are trainees and all are beginners on computers. They learn
writing and layout and digital photography but they are not system managers.

There is a constant danger that my guys will destroy their own work, for
example delete it, or mess up agreed file names etc. I has happened more
than once. I will not allow them to destroy other people's work.

So our principle in the entire office is that people only ever write in
their own home folders and in their own folders on the NAS. There are NO
common folders. So people see all other users' stuff and can always pull
copies, when they work in several steps. But nobody writes to any
other's folder and there are no common folders.

In our case of the magazine, one user does one page and then collects
for output. The next user will copy this entire folder to his home and
make another page or two and again collect for output. Etc. (They come
on different days of the week.)

I have now (with the help of a book) made a very simple script inside
the folder (to be copied along). I hope nobody needs to be root to
execute my script, if it belongs to the group "users" and since I have
set the exec-rights to group.

The script (cannot cite it here as I am not in the office) has only got
one active line: To chmod for group and all to be able to read all files
in that folder.

I have tested it with my wife and we believe it worked, when copying the
folder between users.

I also tried to make the script give some "beep" and also a visual
feedback, but have not managed so far, although I found the syntax in a
book. I get echo-output when I start the script from a command line, but
not when I double-click it from a window.

My trainees are NOT working the command line in a terminal, they click
their ways through some browser called something fishy like Dolphin or
Nautilus(?). They should double click on that script before they shut
down and leave their work, but I bet people will forget. Especially if
the script cannot bring up a

Could I have something in Scribus (a mini script within Scribus maybe?),
that will just trigger my fix-the-read-rights-script either on
collecting-for-output or when shutting down Scribus?

Personal note: I rarely do sudo. When I do system work, I log in as root
and my desktop is bright red (an idea I took from early Suse-Versions)
to keep me aware. But I love the t-shirt.

good night and thanks again,


On 06.12.2013 21:23, JLuc wrote:
> Le 05/12/2013 21:18, Mark Heieis a écrit :
>> 1) Create a group (e.g. "editors")
>> 2) add the group "editors" to each user id that's working on the group
>> project(s)
>> 3) change the group id of the common directory,"pour_la_sortie", to
>> "editors" (#chgrp -R editors "pour_la_sortie")
>> 4) change the write permissions of the common directory to allow group
>> writing (#chmod -R g+w "pour_la_sortie")
>> 5) change the group sticky-bit, which keeps the group id to "editors"
>> (#chmod g+s "pour_la_sortie")
>> 6) any logged in user in the editors group will need to log out if
>> signed in to see the change
>> 7) you will need to be root or have root access to make the above
>> changes.
>> 8) you only have to do this once as an adminstrator. The rest becomes
>> totally transparent to the users, with no training
>> overhead
>> It's also assuming that the common directory is in a location that all
>> of the users can see and get to.
> That looks the most straightforward.
> Thanks for the pedagogic detailed process.
> JL
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