[scribus] collecting for output

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Thu Dec 5 17:26:48 UTC 2013

I probably wont be able to help all the way through the best solution
but it might help if you provide a copy of the result of the
ls -ltr
command, done in a terminal open in this folder.

Open terminal
type "cd pour-la-sortie"
where pour-la-sortie is the absolute adress of the folder
and type "ls -ltr > for-stribus-support.txt"
and open for-stribus-support.txt and copy and paste its content
on http://scribus.pastebin.fr for example
and send us the adress

+ : do your trainee know the root password ?


Le 05/12/2013 18:02, ZASKE Martin a écrit :
> Dear list,
> a few weeks ago I had written, hoping for a brilliant idea or tool for
> creating scribus-documents as a team. Nothing much came up for a workflow.
> So for the time being, we use that fact that disc-space has become cheap:
> We are working on OpenSuse 12.3 and we are using the official Scribus
> which comes with that distro, namely Scribus 1.4.2
> Each user is working in his own /home folder and we keep all our work in
> a folder called "pour_la_sortie" which is French for "collected_for_output".
> Now the idea is that we keep a paper-list on the wall next to the main
> layout computer (two full HD screens), of who was the last user to work
> on the magazine.
> Then the next user will log in and just copy the entire folder into his
> /home folder to continue working on those pages, where he or she is in
> charge.
> BUT: My wife just discovered that she cannot do that. Scribus had done a
> nice and complete collecting-for-output. But somehow the user-rights got
> assigned such that only scribus-files are accessible.
> But all fonts and all illustrations are blocked for "group" and
> "others", not even reading is allowed (and reading is all the next user
> would need to copy the complete folder with content). This is something
> that Scribus must have done during the collecting-for-output of the
> previous user, since that user had started with a blank document I believe.
> Is there a way please, to configure Scribus such, that during collection
> for output the file properties are set more liberally?
> I bet some geek on this list will propose to "just write a script" so
> that all stuff in those folders will be make read-enabled for all users.
> 	It is just that we are linguists and I got a group of young African
> trainees. And we are handing this folder around between several users.
> So if you cannot do this within Scribus, please propose a script that
> will "travel" with that folder and which each user can/should trigger
> (preferably something that can be clicked in the explorer) before he
> will log out. I believe that only root or the owner can change ownership
> of files. And I bet, that many of my guys will forget to open the
> ownership before they log out...
> We have just set-up this new computer with the latest OpenSuse and we
> are overdue to print our next magazine. So all help is most welcome,
> even if it is a workaround. And even if I need to learn scripting...
> (guess, who is root).
> thanks,
> Martin
> PS: I just love Scribus on two huge screens, one upright for the actual
> page, and one aside for keeping all those menus open at all times!!!
> ___
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