[scribus] collecting for output

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Fri Dec 6 20:23:04 UTC 2013

Le 05/12/2013 21:18, Mark Heieis a écrit :
> 1) Create a group (e.g. "editors")
> 2) add the group "editors" to each user id that's working on the group project(s)
> 3) change the group id of the common directory,"pour_la_sortie", to "editors" (#chgrp -R editors "pour_la_sortie")
> 4) change the write permissions of the common directory to allow group writing (#chmod -R g+w "pour_la_sortie")
> 5) change the group sticky-bit, which keeps the group id to "editors" (#chmod g+s "pour_la_sortie")
> 6) any logged in user in the editors group will need to log out if signed in to see the change
> 7) you will need to be root or have root access to make the above changes.
> 8) you only have to do this once as an adminstrator. The rest becomes totally transparent to the users, with no training
> overhead
> It's also assuming that the common directory is in a location that all of the users can see and get to.

That looks the most straightforward.
Thanks for the pedagogic detailed process.


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