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Patrick Wallace mental at mentalware.com
Mon Aug 26 19:00:47 UTC 2013

On 08/25/2013 03:43 AM, scribus-request at lists.scribus.net wrote:
> does anybody know if zip and tar can cope well with replacing files?
The man file for zip says, "When given the  name of  an existing zip 
archive, zip will replace identically named entries in the zip archive 
(matching the relative names as stored  in  the  archive) or  add  
entries for new names."

So, each time you invoke "zip myprojectimages.zip 
/path/to/myproject/images/*" you will update any changes made as well as 
add any new images that have been placed there since the last archiving.

tar can behave the same way by using the -u (update) option so just 
changes are overwritten (saves time).

You can can manually create an archive or even write a script to collect 
a list of all images used and put them in an archive (they could be 
located anywhere on the computer). Assuming directory structure doesn't 
change, you could then restore all of the files even if scattered around 
all over the place.

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