[scribus] Experiments with the Scribus code

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Aug 28 07:49:57 UTC 2013

Dear Scribus community,

During the last year, I've been (re)thinking about my contributions to
the Scribus community. And I tried to find my way around free software
and publishing.

At the beginning of July, at this year's "Recontres mondiales du
logiciel libre" in Brussels, I've been enlightened (ehm ehm) and finally
found a way, I consider worth to try out:

I'm launching an experimental project around Scribus, a place where I
-- and possibly other people -- can try new ideas and new concepts.
(That hopefully will then make their way into the main Scribus)

To begin with, here some of the ideas I'd like to realize are:

- Create a sla to pdf engine that correctly works from the command line.
- Make it easy to compile Scribus on Windows.
- Make Scribus visible, in places where (future) programmers are.

In my plans, the first step will be the following one:

Pick chunks of Scribus code, reassemble them, rewrite things, remove
things, have fun, add new features... and produce a "command line only"
Scribus that can be used to convert .SLA into .PDF on a server.

And I'm looking for people wanting to participate, contribute code,
ideas, and use cases.

Personally, for the main discussion on this experimental project, I
prefer not to use this mailing list nor the Scribus bug report system.
Mainly in order to avoid confusion among people who are here just to
get some support for Scribus.
But also in order to make it easier discussing features and processes
that may have no chance to ever get into the Scribus main code.

I've created mailing list you can join at


And a GitHub repository you can fork (and where you can fill tickets)


Both are still empty but they won't stay that way for a long time!

Finally, I will try to blog about it in somehow regular intervals...
Let's see if I manage it! And I will keep this list up to date on the
progresses of the experiments.

I wish you all a wonderful day!

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