[scribus] question

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sat Aug 24 17:57:54 UTC 2013

hi john,

> > personally, i'm interested in a new type of format that would allow
> > replacing single resources one at a time and still have a good
> > performance.
> > [...]
> > does anybody have some technical experience in this topics?

> Decades ago some text editors stored multiple editions of a file, but
> the later editions were just the additions and subtractions, the
> deltas if you like, from the last version. You could always
> back up to any of a number of versions. Univac 1108 had such an
> editor. The *nix "diff" command can be run in a way that creates such
> a delta.

personally, i'm rather looking for existing "systems" take care of such
tasks, and would love it, if i didn't have to find a new way by myself.

this said, i don't think that in this case the diff in userland is a
good idea. 
i don't care how the underlying systems manages the changes, but i'd
really like a "tool" that allows me to just replace the resources i've
changed and leave the other ones unchanged.

as i wrote in my previous mail, i know about sqlite which is somehow
close to what i'm looking for (can take care of saving and retrieving
of resources) but i'm really not sure whether a relational model is

at some time i plan to have a look at the existing storage engines, but
this thread gave me the idea to check if there are knowledgeable around


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